Online poker for real money USA legal is standing in the way of big changes.

Online poker real money USA legal

Online gaming in the United States is going through difficult times. This is especially true of the situation with poker, or rather, its virtual version of the play. Fans of this ancient card game now have the opportunity to meet at the poker table online in only 4 American States. Online game is only permitted in few states. Despite a series of bans, Americans are still a nation where poker is especially loved.

In 2011, several poker rooms received reports that their owners were involved in financial fraud. Such messages were received by the owners of UltimateBet, PokerStars and some others. As a result, series of closures of poker online real money USA legal platforms followed. The online casino history of this event was included under the sacred name – “Black Friday”.

This was followed by the adoption of the law on combating illegal gambling on the Internet, as a result of which many online clubs have significantly reduced access to their sites.

Legal aspects of playing poker / video poker in the USA online / offline

Such events in the world of virtual entertainment should be expected, because no one wants to suffer financial losses. And the losses began, and they affected the institutions of the real gambling business. As soon as online poker rooms began to appear, it no longer made sense for a person to leave the house in search of a gambling establishment. Therefore, some experts believe that the initiative to impose restrictions on the work of most of the online clubs is caused by the dissatisfaction of representatives of offline casinos.

Only time will show how further events will develop regarding virtual platforms for fans of this game. Thus, the specificity of the United States is the diversity and breadth of legislative powers in each state. For example, in Nevada virtual platform can thrive, and at the same time, in Utah gambling is strictly prohibited.

In 2019, the United States continues the trend towards the oppression of virtual gaming, including online poker real money USA legal. To date, only a few States have seen positive movements. So, in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey now virtual casinos operate officially. The only caveat – the choice of an opponent to play poker online for real money USA legal right can only be from the same state.

Many users prefer for poker competitions such a popular platform as This site is officially owned by 888poker. However, due to the current territorial restrictions, there are very few visitors to these resources.

The change of the US President has brought some adjustments, and there have been lively trends in the entertainment industry. According to experts in this field, Trump may actively hand support the legalization of virtual poker in America. The reason for this is clear – before President Donald Trump himself owned a large casino network.

In the meantime, the situation is that poker is officially allowed only in some States, and most people in the country are not able to connect to the online game. The residents of New Jersey have the richest choice in terms of online poker real money USA legal. Here users can easily go to the sites in the 888poker, PokerStars and Patypoker.

As for 2019, there are three types of online gambling communities in the US that offer people a platform to play poker:

  • Legal poker rooms. One of the largest poker sites is WSOP. It was created by the organizers of the World Poker Series.
  • Semi-legal sites. Global legality of acts of the poker Global poker, but it provides services for playing online poker in the entire country!
  • Banned for the poker community. Poker sites continue to provide services to US residents without a license. In this case we are talking about a fairly large poker network — the Winning Poker Network (WPN) and Chico.

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