There are a lot of real money poker sites promising huge winnings.

The rivalry is not against the site itself, but between the real users. It doesn’t matter if the poker player wins or not, the main thing is for him to play, knowing that he is in fair conditions. Therefore, the result will depend entirely on your abilities and specific decisions, and not on the online poker room.

The user should be in a comfortable environment, therefore, Android applications developed by the rooms are provided free of charge and have a rich functionality. Much attention is paid to the design of tables and the quality of graphics, which allows you to experience the atmosphere of a gambling establishment and feel yourself in a real poker room.

The way of using real money poker sites

Several people play poker at the same table (at least two, maximum ten). They play a standard card deck of 52 cards. The aim of the game is to get hold of as many chips / money as possible; lose as little as possible. Before you withdraw money, you must first of all throw money in the same way.

For example, you have won in poker for real money and would like to withdraw $ 300 to the WebMoney wallet. If you have already made a deposit from this wallet – then no problem, if not – you will have to first lose at least the minimum amount (usually 10 WMZ) and thus “tie” the wallet to your account in the poker room. And only then, this method will appear in your withdrawal options.

The rules of real money poker are easy to learn if you know the seniority of cards and the actions available to players:

  1. Bet – make a bet;
  2. Call – to equalize the bet, that is, to put the same amount as put opponents or opponents;
  3. Raise – bet more than the previous player/players;
  4. Fold – fold the cards to pass and refuse to further participate in the distribution;
  5. Check or skip – the action is available to the player when he has already made a bet and in situations where no one in front of him has raised. This action implies that you do not add chips to the bank. Pre-flop has obligatory bets (blinds) that need to be called to stay in the game, on other streets, if all players check, you will have the opportunity to open the next table card for free;
  6. Re-raise, 3-bet – a raise after a raise.

Real money poker slots: types

Real money poker is perhaps one of the most famous games in the world. Among card and gambling, so sure. Almost each poker site attracts a variety of people, as it develops a lot of skills and qualities: from banal patience to the ability of choosing the right balance between an aggressive and calm game.

  • classic slots (Triple Eagle Poker from BetSoft) – externally, they are a screen with five cards, at the top of the screen is a table with payments. You can mark cards and send them to retake without paying for a replacement. Winning combinations are indicated on the scoreboard;
  • video slots (Poker Dice from 1×2 Gaming) – usually in this kind of slots there are 5 reels and up to several hundred paylines, while the graphics and sound effects make the process of the game much better;
  • mega spins (Poker3 Heads Up Hold’em from BetSoft) – here you can play 3 – 9 games at the same time. When the player selects the desired games and the size of the bets, he presses the button and the fun begins. Up to 45 reels in all games start spinning at the same time, which means that the chances of scooping the mega-jackpot increase;
  • progressive slots (Cyberstud Poker from Microgaming) – are a network of slot machines that have a jackpot combined. Every time someone plays a progressive jackpot game, its total amount grows until one lucky winner wins the jackpot. Accordingly, the size of the jackpot will depend on how many people play the game.

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